Fatal Intuition

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Brother Jangwoo (Won Joo) and his younger sister Eunji (Hye-yeong Ryoo) have no parents. Eunji goes missing and after three days her body is found; Jangwoo dedicates himself to searching for the murderer, who left no witnesses, no clues and basically no evidence at all. During an exorcism performed to comfort his late sister's soul, Jangwoo becomes suspicious of a man there when the brass bowl used for the ceremony rolls over and points at him; the man runs away but Jangwoo manages to track him down. Living alone in the town, Sieun has the power to foresee people's deaths. As she foresaw Eunji's death but ignored it, she is feeling guilty, so now she approaches Jangwoo and forecasts another death. He follows the same man to the place in her prediction and he thinks he might be the town pharmacist, who is known to be a nice person. (Busan International Film Festival)


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English Apart from the fact that the film had plenty of tone-deaf moments, I was particularly bothered by its lack of balance and continuity. It starts out as a human drama that switches to a crime thriller, at which point supernatural elements are introduced, all for it to end with a view of the setting sun... It wouldn't have been so bad if the different elements had been well put together, instead of leaving me with the feeling that I'm watching three different movies at once. One of them about sibling love, the other about a psycho murderer, and the third about a misunderstood girl who sees ghosts, but thankfully finds someone who believes her. It's a shame, because I like Joo Won a lot, but it's as if I've never seen him in a single thing that was good as a whole. He's great, but the projects he chooses just kill me. To be honest, even now, shortly after having seen it, I don't really remember much from the movie. Which in my opinion doesn't say much about the quality of the film; for this reason I can't give it more than 2 stars. ()

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