In this metaphoric drama from French writer, director, and actor Jean-Marc Barr, Lyle ($Barr) is a farmer who lives in the rural Midwest with his wife Amy (Rosanna Arquette). Lyle's marriage to Amy is not an especially happy one; they never have sex, partly because she can't bear to betray the memory of her first husband, who has passed on, and partly because she is frightened by Lyle's unusually large penis. Lyle pursues celibacy with a grim determination until the day his childhood friend Vernon (Ian Vogt) comes to town for a visit with his wife, a beautiful French woman named Juliette (Elodie Bouchez). Vernon has been unable to satisfy Juliette sexually, and when she hears about Lyle's unusually proportioned body, she decides to seduce him. All is happy for Lyle and Juliette until word of their affair spreads through town, angering a group of vengeful fundamentalist Christians. While Barr and most of his creative team are from France, Too Much Flesh was shot in English on location in Illinois. (official distributor synopsis)