They're America's ultimate weapon. Charlie Sheen (Platoon), Michael Biehn (The Terminator) and Bill Paxton (Twister) team up as three of America's finest Navy commandos in this pulse-pounding adventure that brings out the heavy artillery for explosive action and breathtaking suspense "that will leave you clenching your teeth" (The Washington Post)! The Navy's elite SEAL (SEa, Air and Land) squad is made up of the best of the best: supreme warriors who take on dangerous missions no other fighting force would dare attempt. Sent to rescue the crew of a U.S. aircraft held hostage by mideast terrorists, the SEALs know that their skills will be put to the test. But when they discover that the terrorists have seized the plane's arsenal of deadly Stinger missiles, they're thrust onto the frontlines of the battle of a lifetime. (distributor materials)


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English It's like a cheaper Top Gun. Only instead of pilots, there's infantry, Charlie Sheen instead of Tom Cruise, And instead of the legendary volleyball montage, perhaps an even more unintentionally homoerotic golf montage. Otherwise, it's just another pure propaganda recruitment film that supposedly got a lot of guys to join the Navy Seals, where the movie says you'll make a lot of great friends, with whom you'll then play golf or kill terrorists. The soldiers don't have much time for women (one of them even runs away from the altar after he gets the news that he's about to go into action), but they always find time for “bro moments”, bonding with each other, patting each other down and chatting in the locker rooms. ()

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