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FilmmaniakRaging Grace(2023) 

A drama with horror elements about a Philippine cleaning lady and single mother who manages to find employment and housing in an opulent British household, which on closer inspection hides numerous secrets. The film is… (more)

EvilPhoEniXNight of the Hunted(2023) 

An all too ordinary thriller from the French by the once talented Franck Khalfoun. In the past he has given us the fine thriller P2 and an excellent remake of Maniac, so he has quite an eye for the madman, but his new… (more)

J*A*S*MNight of the Hunted(2023) 

Khalfoun can boldly be counted among the horror filmmakers from whom fans expected big things early in his career thanks to one big hit, but that ultimately didn't materialize. Night of the Hunted is a generic thriller… (more)