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Continuing the epic big-screen adventures started in Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, Marvel’s The Avengers is the superhero team up of a lifetime. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as SHIELD, finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins. (Walt Disney US)


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English The idea that the film avoids the need to expose itself as a savage, because it will count on viewers familiar with previous films, is completely odd - firstly, a brief exposition of Hawkeye and Natasha is needed, secondly, guys need to compare their steel / divine cocks and find out who has the bigger one... we'll spend about half of the film doing that, and when everyone slaps each other and Captain America teaches us that there's only one God, there's finally a team event. As to how many minutes have passed, it cannot be said that we have complete information about who, what, why and for how much, but once Whedon starts to bend steel in tons and have one shot more spectacular than the last, it actually doesn’t matter. In addition, the characters start spewing one-liners (which unfortunately is a bit worse with the Czech dubbing), the Captain is a little annoying (a little so he can still appear as the good guy) and The Avengers offers exactly why people go and see "Marvel" films. A ballbusting hero party, legible, clear, polished and heavy on tone. You may miss the fact that the whole story is actually a tragically mechanical acceptance of "classical invasive awkwardness" without a fundamental contribution to the mythology of the heroes. The other half is simply pure pleasure from the enormously pompous spectacle. But I still can't shake the impression that nothing happened for half of the film and that we don't know anything more about the characters than before. I am inclined to think that Whedon did the work through careful maneuvering. The entertainment is decent, but as a separate fictional world, it doesn't make much sense - what the first Iron Man and partly Thor were able to do simply shrunk to an exhibition match of stars full of skills competitions. Edit: when I remember the meaty second half and how I also gave Battleship 3 ***, I capitulate and improve my rating :-) [75%] ()


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English It wasn't until the final credits started rolling that I realized that many people's dreams had just come true. For the viewers who sensed from the end of the first Iron Man that this superhero gathering would be epic to the top floor of Stark Tower. For Joss, who had been smiling under his (fully geeky) beard for so long until he brought us the essence of himself. And last but not least, to all the Whedon fans who supported the creator as an unrivaled storyteller for many years. And then, in one of the most-watched movies of recent years, he proved them absolutely right. The Avengers have Stark's audacity, Cap's courage, Thor's rudeness, and Hulk's titanic power. And they mix everything into a cocktail that is almost impossible to drink in one go. Trying to catch all the quotes, breathtaking action scenes, or meticulously crafted details was simply impossible. It wasn't until the second viewing that I realized that Whedon thoroughly played with his Marvel toy and then lent it to us, ordinary mortals. The fact that he created a perfectly cinematic comic book, nurturing it minute by minute like a mirror of the genre, is another matter. ()



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English Undemanding, popcorn paint by numbers with clear contours which begin to turn pastel green only after they line up. The Avengers Assemble is quality craftsmanship which unfortunately pays dearly for having just routine action (the first “teaser" part is markedly better than the second) and zero “emotional involvement" of either the viewer or the characters. The whole thing rests on the shoulders of the Stark - Thor - Banner trio and the remaining characters are either a necessary evil (Capt. America) or there to make up numbers. And also a proper baddy is sorely lacking; Loki is outstanding, but he’s more an amusing stooge than an arch-villain. As far as Marvel team productions are concerned, the movie versions of X-Men play in a much higher league. ()


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English Next to Batman and Watchmen, probably the best comic book adaptation. A film full of fun, thrilling action, wit, polished dialogues, self-reflection, and a fantastic cast; everything a first-class blockbuster should have, and with an incredibly precise tuning of the individual ingredients. The last time something similarly perfect within its genre was seen in cinemas was 1996 when Ronald Emmerich directed Independence Day. ()


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English The Avengers are getting better. The disappointment of the movie theatre is slowly but surely fading thanks to the DVD, and the only problems I really have are with the character of Hawkeye (or rather, his wooden performance) and the fact that the film wants to be endlessly breathtaking at times while making fun of itself, which is a strange game I haven't yet bought into. ()

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