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Deadpool & Wolverine (2024) - Trailer 17

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Opening in Cinemas

Crossing (2024)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Widow Clicquot (2023)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Modernism, Inc.: The Eliot Noyes Design Story (2023)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Twisters (2024)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Oddity (2024)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Join or Die (2023)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Before Dawn (2024)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Crumb Catcher (2023)

on 07/19/2024 07/19

Disciples in the Moonlight (2024)

on 07/17/2024 07/17

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New on Blu-ray

Underground Aces (1981)

from 07/23/2024 07/23

Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

from 07/23/2024 07/23

Jaws 2 (1978)

from 07/23/2024 07/23

Risky Business (1983)

from 07/23/2024 07/23

The Tuxedo (2002)

from 07/23/2024 07/23

The Linguini Incident (1991)

from 07/23/2024 07/23

The Story of G.I. Joe (1945)

from 07/23/2024 07/23

Nightmare Beach (1989)

from 07/23/2024 07/23



New Reviews by TOP Users



I went to see the new release of the week in theaters yesterday which is kind of being seen as a sequel to the 90's film Twister and it's not bad, but it didn't completely blow me away unfortunately. It was nice to see Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar Jones, who plays the sort of intelligent woman who figures everything…

Fly Me to the Moon

D.MooreFly Me to the Moon(2024)

I'm a bit squeamish about space movies showing/appearing to show astronauts boarding a rocket at the last minute, or that there's still a lot that can be accomplished just before the countdown begins (to avoid spoilers, I won't write more), and I don't think these things need to be even in a romantic comedy. But Take…

The Boys - Season 4

3DD!3The Boys - Season 4(2024)

After the attack on Trump and Biden’s Covid, Homelander's electoral travails may seem petty to us, yet The Boys has hit the current political mood perfectly. Unfortunately, Kripke commissioned the scripts during the strike (I can't explain it any other way), and the quality of the early episodes looks accordingly.…

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

LimaFuriosa: A Mad Max Saga(2024)

Mad Max is an Australian cultural treasure that should have only stayed at three or four episodes. For the first hour, it felt like a sequence of mini-stories, with the disgustingly overacting Chris Hemsworth twitching like a pigeon eating grain and his performance actually making it into a kind of interlocking semi…

Inside Out 2

MrHladInside Out 2(2024)

We've kind of got used to sequels to Pixar animated films being a level worse than the first parts, and unfortunately that's true for Inside Out 2. Yeah, it still looks great and I still think the concept itself is almost brilliant, but it's like the creators themselves knew that and figured they didn't have to try…


New Reviews by Progressing Users

Poor Things

MalarkeyPoor Things(2023)

Exactly what I expected — another wonderfully weird Greek film that’s not only bizarre but also highly cinematic, especially in its visuals. The way the director tilts the camera felt inspired by Karel Zeman and Wes Anderson. And Emma Stone is absolutely perfect, clearly having the time of her life with this role. Her…

The Oscars

MalarkeyThe Oscars(2024)

Probably the best Oscars night I’ve ever experienced. It was funny, entertaining, and free from unnecessary drama — just an all-around great event. The awards themselves were mostly predictable, with the betting odds favoring Oppenheimer in the major categories, which indeed swept the big wins. I was a bit surprised…

Criminal Record

MalarkeyCriminal Record(2024)

I've definitely seen better detective series, ones where I enjoyed the pure London English more than I did here. Sure, Peter Capaldi plays a fascinatingly demonic character, but that's about the only highlight. He plays the villain biding his time to strike, which adds some intrigue, but it's not enough. Technically,…

We Have a Pope

MalarkeyWe Have a Pope(2011)

This film is one of those effortless, mildly amusing movies that don't captivate you with the plot as much as with the setting. However, compared to series like The Young Pope, which delves into the patriarchal themes of the modern Vatican with much more critical depth, this movie feels much more restrained. It's…

Bad Sisters

MalarkeyBad Sisters(2022)

A fantastic drama set against the beautiful Irish landscape, featuring perfectly cast sisters whose appearances mirror their psychological states. Everything works seamlessly here. The two main insurance agents driving around in a Škoda add a quirky charm, though the story could have been tighter. Instead of ten…


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