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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (2024) - Trailer 3

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Presumed Innocent (2024)

Fallout (2024)

Dark Matter (2024)

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Lilies (1996)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

Maestra (2023)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

Kidnapped (2023)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

Songs of Earth (2023)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

20,000 Species of Bees (2023)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

The Keeper (2024)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

The Garfield Movie (2024)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

The Beach Boys (2024)

on 05/24/2024 05/24

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China O'Brien II (1989)

from 05/24/2024 05/24

China O'Brien (1988)

from 05/24/2024 05/24

The Beauty of Beauties (1965)

from 05/21/2024 05/21

Dead Wrong (2024)

from 05/21/2024 05/21

Coup de chance (2023)

from 05/21/2024 05/21

The Fabric of the Human Body (2022)

from 05/21/2024 05/21

My Dead Girlfriend (2006)

from 05/21/2024 05/21

The Lost City (2022)

from 05/21/2024 05/21



New Reviews by TOP Users

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

DaViD´82Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga(2024)

After nine years, the spin-off prequel to the fourth installment of the established franchise from a nearly 80-year-old geezer... If it weren't for the Mad Max franchise and the old-timer George Miller, one would have expected a mess. But that series is Mad Max and that old man is the visionary Miller, or once again,…

Boy Kills World

EvilPhoEniXBoy Kills World(2023)

A bit of a disappointment for me, only the awesome finale pulls it up to a higher rating, but otherwise a bit of a letdown. The light-hearted concept bothered me a bit, unfortunately it isn't very funny and most of the actors overact disgustingly theatrically (Andrew Koji downright pissed me off here and doesn't…

Club Zero

EvilPhoEniXClub Zero(2023)

A decent, manipulative European oddity on an interesting subject, where Mia Wasikowska (she looks terrible!) shows students new dietary trends, which soon leads to kids stopping eating and parents being sick of it. Too bad it doesn't go into further extremes and there's probably only one properly unpleasant scene. The…

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

EvilPhoEniXFuriosa: A Mad Max Saga(2024)

George Miller is a god and serves up another excellent post-apocalyptic blast. If Fury Road was a 10, this is a very solid 9! Another great visually lavish cinematic experience, of which there won't be many this year, so don't hesitate any longer and head on over! It tells the revenge story of a young Furiosa in an…

The Shrouds

POMOThe Shrouds(2024)

A step-sister of Crimes of the Future, this time set in the realistic present and more oriented toward high-tech gadgets. The stylish Vincent Cassel in a Tesla, scenes of his deceased, scarred wife Diane Kruger following an amputation, her alive-and-well sister Diane Kruger seducing her widowed brother-in-law Cassel,…


New Reviews by Progressing Users

Captain Fantastic

EvilPhoEniXCaptain Fantastic(2016)

I ignored this one for a long time, but after watching it I'm almost tempted to go up to 5 stars. I don't think anyone will forget this family that has lived in the woods for 10 years. The parenting style was very unconventional and I think it could have easily been functional. Viggo Mortensen was absolutely amazing…



An interesting piece, very unconventional, but unfortunately I found it irritating in its narrative style. The film is divided into four chapters that are scattered in time, making it unnecessarily confusing and over-complicated, which I personally don't like very much. What bothered me the most was when a character…

Kong: Skull Island

EvilPhoEniXKong: Skull Island(2017)

You won't find a more fun adventurous expedition. Kong; Skull Island has the advantage of having a very good cast, something that can't be said much about competing blockbusters. Tom Hiddleston is a likable hero, Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson adds pizzazz, Samuel L. Jackson is once again a great psychopath, and…

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

EvilPhoEniXResident Evil: The Final Chapter(2016)

Absolutely nothing and I'm surprised anyone is still into this. The story is completely lame and it seems to me that every episode deals with exactly the same thing: Racoon City, Alice, over and over again. Instead of zombies, there are dragons flying and the bad guys are human, so instead of a zombie horror movie, we…

The Devil's Candy

EvilPhoEniXThe Devil's Candy(2015)

The new film from director Sean Byrne, who is responsible for the excellent exploitation flick The Loved Ones, but I wasn't too pleased with this one. Rather than horror I would label the film a thriller. Most of the time nothing happens, there is no gore at all, so it only stands on atmosphere, which starts to pick…


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