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Trap (2024) - Trailer

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Most Visited Series

Opening in Cinemas

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2024)

on 04/19/2024 04/19

Stress Positions (2024)

on 04/19/2024 04/19

Little Empty Boxes (2024)

on 04/19/2024 04/19

Sasquatch Sunset (2024)

on 04/19/2024 04/19

Wildfire (2023)

on 04/19/2024 04/19

We Grown Now (2023)

on 04/19/2024 04/19

Blood for Dust (2023)

on 04/19/2024 04/19

The Hopeful (2024)

on 04/17/2024 04/17

John Singer Sargent: Fashion and Swagger (2024)

on 04/16/2024 04/16

Streaming Originals

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2024) (series)


Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver (2024)


Dinner with the Parents (2024) (series)


Under the Bridge (2024) (series)


Ctrl+Alt+Desire (2024) (series)


An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th (2024)


An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th (2024)


Blue Lights (2023) (series)

BBC iPlayer

The Sympathizer (2024) (series)


New on Blu-ray

Half Baked: Totally High (2024)

from 04/16/2024 04/16

The Star City Murders (2024)

from 04/16/2024 04/16

Mister Sleep (2024)

from 04/16/2024 04/16

Walden (2023)

from 04/16/2024 04/16

The Invisible Fight (2023)

from 04/16/2024 04/16

Joyland (2022)

from 04/16/2024 04/16

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die (2023)

from 04/16/2024 04/16

The Procurator (2023)

from 04/16/2024 04/16



New Reviews by TOP Users

The Grimm Variations

JeoffreyThe Grimm Variations(2024)

Diving into this modern take on classic Brothers Grimm tales, you're greeted with a visually polished presentation and a solid musical score. With six diverse stories at play, each one twists and turns familiar narratives, sometimes staying true to the original essence while other times flipping established roles on…



Weird, wicked and irradiated, i.e. the more Ghoul, the more fun. I considered the ridiculous Westworld to be collective cognitive dissonance and thus I didn’t expect much from Fallout. But hey, it not only doesn’t hurt anything, but it’s also pleasantly illuminating. The funny blend of creepy western, futuretro…

Civil War

POMOCivil War(2024)

It was clear that Garland wasn’t going to make a blockbuster out of this. However, it wasn’t clear what his masterful balancing between reality and dimensions beyond human perception would bring to a film that is supposed to stand solely on raw realism. Civil War contains grand scenes with tanks and helicopters, but…

Vincent Must Die

EvilPhoEniXVincent Must Die(2023)

A dense psychological thriller with an original concept. The story revolves around Vincent, a very ordinary guy who works in an office, but all of a sudden he is attacked by random people who want to murder him and he has to adapt to a new lifestyle. Danger lurks at every turn and he learns that there are more like…



Compared to The Omen it's as expected two levels worse, but it has my sympathy for the R-rating – had it been PG-13 I'd go for maybe a 2. Sydney Sweeney looks ordinary for the first time, she doesn't show her beautiful boobs in a mini dress and has no make up, she's no sex goddess, but an ordinary girl. Visually it's…


New Reviews by Progressing Users

The Year I Started Masturbating

NecrotongueThe Year I Started Masturbating(2022)

I keep asking myself why I watch movies like these. Sure, it could be for the sake of staying informed, but deep down, it's just a mild case of masochism. Once again, I found myself in the midst of a seminar on "Men: The Disgusting, Insensitive Species", where the underlying message seems to be that if men didn't…

Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah

NecrotongueTiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah(2019)

This special wasn't half bad, I mean, I nearly sprayed my monitor a few times from laughter. But truth be told, I'd have enjoyed it even more if I were black. There were moments when I wasn't quite as entertained, and the excessive self-congratulation got a bit tiresome at times. However, there was this epic battle…

The Last Kingdom - Episode 5

NecrotongueThe Last Kingdom - Episode 5(2022)

What a letdown. This time, the blame lies squarely on the script and direction. I felt like the creators were mocking me. In the midst of an intense battle, suddenly, some sort of Sabbath broke out and everything fell silent, and I witnessed a profoundly melodramatic scene that left me reeling. To add insult to injury…

The Stranger

NecrotongueThe Stranger(2022)

Despite the slow pace, the atmosphere was masterfully crafted. I was on edge the whole time, waiting for something important to happen in the very next moment. However, the story just kept rustling along, promising something grand, only to fizzle out in the end. It felt like a bit of trickery on the creators' part. /…

A Guest Is Coming

NecrotongueA Guest Is Coming(1947)

Not exactly a masterpiece of cinema. From what I've gathered, Swedes drink a lot at Christmas, and yes, they their families, just like any other nation, include a very cuddly uncle. Initially, I thought this could offer an intriguing narrative, but alas, the unforgiving passage of time had left its mark. And no, it…


Most Visited Actors and Actresses

Ella Purnell (actressactress, born 1996)
Josh Hartnett (actoractor, born 1978)
Sydney Sweeney (actress / produceractress / producer, born 1997)
Walton Goggins (actor / produceractor / producer, born 1971)
Sofia Boutella (actressactress, born 1982)
Alain Delon (actor / producer / screenwriteractor / producer, born 1935)

Most Visited Creators

Zack Snyder (director / screenwriter / producerdirector / screenwriter, born 1966)
M. Night Shyamalan (screenwriter / director / actorscreenwriter / director, born 1970)
Quentin Tarantino (director / screenwriter / actordirector / screenwriter, born 1963)
Alex Garland (screenwriter / director / authorscreenwriter / director, born 1970)
Steven Spielberg (director / producer / screenwriterdirector / producer, born 1946)
Guy Ritchie (director / screenwriter / producerdirector / screenwriter, born 1968)


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