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A Complete Unknown (2025) - Trailer

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Opening in Cinemas

Dead Sea (2024)

on 07/26/2024 07/26

Rheingold (2022)

on 07/26/2024 07/26

The Fabulous Four (2024)

on 07/26/2024 07/26

The Girl in the Pool (2024)

on 07/26/2024 07/26

Dìdi (2024)

on 07/26/2024 07/26

The Arctic Convoy (2023)

on 07/26/2024 07/26

Only the River Flows (2023)

on 07/26/2024 07/26

The Good Half (2023)

on 07/23/2024 07/23

The NeverEnding Story (1984)

on 07/21/2024 07/21

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New on Blu-ray

Election (1999)

from 07/30/2024 07/30

Invasion U.S.A. (1985)

from 07/30/2024 07/30

Red Line 7000 (1965)

from 07/30/2024 07/30

Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace (1962)

from 07/30/2024 07/30

No Way Out (1987)

from 07/30/2024 07/30

Marie (1985)

from 07/30/2024 07/30

Last Embrace (1979)

from 07/30/2024 07/30

The Zone of Interest (2023)

from 07/26/2024 07/26



New Reviews by TOP Users

Star Wars: The Acolyte

3DD!3Star Wars: The Acolyte(2024)

In terms of dramaturgy, it’s terrible, with uninteresting passages stretched to death to make the interesting stuff hurriedly catch up at the end. There are two flashbacks for good measure, the first one pointless and boring, the second one interesting and action-packed. In terms of acting, it's a disaster, full of…

Bird Atlas

NinadeLBird Atlas(2021)

Olmo Omerzu's Czech film is neither distinctly Czech nor global. It's an attempt to capture a fragment of a certain part of Europe, but unfortunately, it ends up being not very appealing to the Czech audience. Specifically, the theme of "Atlas of Birds" is a seemingly clever metaphor about the bitter downfall of a…



Ute Lemper has a similarly well-sculpted face as Katja Flint, which is why both of these German actresses became icons, lending themselves to portray the most interesting women of the past in films. One such woman was, of course, an Austrian. In Pierre Granier-Deferre's film, the end of Marie Antoinette's life is…



Ballerine represents for Machatý just a stepping stone between Austria and America, and it is "only" an adaptation of the then-new novel by Giuseppe Adami, "Fanny ballerina della Scala" (1935), but can you imagine a better theme for him? The theatrical setting, the endless beauty of dance costumes, and the graceful…



I went to see the new release of the week in theaters yesterday which is kind of being seen as a sequel to the 90's film Twister and it's not bad, but it didn't completely blow me away unfortunately. It was nice to see Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar Jones, who plays the sort of intelligent woman who figures everything…


New Reviews by Progressing Users

The Silence

EvilPhoEniXThe Silence(2010)

A sinister and melodramatic story. This is a very depressing, disturbing crime drama revolving around a pedophile murder. It may be a slow burn, but it managed to keep my attention throughout, thanks to some quality performances and an uncomfortably stuffy atmosphere. This German effort is definitely worth a watch. 65%

Daddy's Little Girl

EvilPhoEniXDaddy's Little Girl(2012)

Australia + Revenge + Torture = Absolutely smashing! At first this film appears to be a family drama and all of a sudden SHOCK!!! A 6 year old girl is kidnapped from her bed and brutally murdered. This is where my tears really flowed, very strong emotional pressure is put on the viewer, and things get going after the…

The Suspect

EvilPhoEniXThe Suspect(2013)

I'm satisfied. This movie has been sitting in my pc for four months and finally the English support came out, so I was looking forward to it. It's a bit disappointing to see the slightly shaky camera during the action fights, which puts this film at a disadvantage to its competitors, but those who love these films…

Forbidden Empire

EvilPhoEniXForbidden Empire(2014)

A decent fairy-tale. This film wants to be a horror movie but fails. It's dark fantasy with a religious tinge, which is passable. The breathtaking visuals, the awesome make-up effects and costumes and the decent atmosphere deserve praise. Of course, it wouldn't have hurt to cut the film slightly, there were a few deaf…

Wolf Creek 2

EvilPhoEniXWolf Creek 2(2013)

The first part is a very average and bland hixploitation, but the second part is enriched with more elements and I can finally shout my favourite phrase this year: Fucking awesome!! From start to finish a whirlwind of proper gore (headshots, shotguns, severed heads, human body dismemberment... Wonderful!), a decent…


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