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NecrotongueFifty Shades of Grey(2015) Boo!

A film obviously made for small-town American housewives, ideally from religious families. I’m not sure who else would be surprised by terms like bondage or spanking, and I certainly don't think there’s anyone who needs… (more)

FilmmaniakFifty Shades of Grey(2015) 

It's better than its reputation (and definitely better than the book), but it's not good enough to make it worthwhile. However, there will definitely be two more films, because it’s going to make a lot of money.

DaViD´82Beverly Hills Cop II(1987) 

Axel's second outing stays true to the Hollywood strategy that a proper sequel must have more of everything. It's a shame that it's true to that strategy even in the significant loss of fun.