The story is taken from an Irish proverb, "A woman´s chastity is a sty in the Devil´s eye", invented by Bergman himself. Satan, angered by a sore eye, sends Don Juan up from Hell to seduce Britt-Marie, a pastor´s daughter who is the cause of the trouble because she is still a virgin. Pablo, Don Juan´s assistant, concerns himself with the seduction of the pastor´s wife, while Don Juan tries to woo Britt-Marie. But he is defeated when she tells him that she feels only pity for him and not desire. Realising that he is falling in love with this attractive girl, Don Juan abandons his mission and returns with Pablo, who has been rather more successful. On her wedding night, Britt-Marie tells her husband that she has never even been kissed by another man. It is a lie, for she embraced Don Juan. This lie is enough to cure Satan´s sty. (official distributor synopsis)