Story of low-budget Hollywood director Edward D. Wood, Jr., whose notoriously "bad" cult films include "Glen or Glenda?" and "Plan 9 from Outer Space". (official distributor synopsis)

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English I've only had the "pleasure" of seeing one of Ed's films, Plan 9 from Outer Space. Yes, it was terrible, but Tim Burton decided to show us that things were different. He devoted two hours of film time to a colleague who remained only misunderstood. The incredible enthusiasm he had for his films was infectious, and this work oozes it in every frame. In my opinion, this is Johnny Depp's best career performance, where a genuine smile towards the producer is enough to win over the audience entirely, bringing almost childishly uncontained joy in every scene from his own work. When the legendary interview with Orson Welles takes place, one of the most mesmerizing, touching, and beautiful endings in the cinematic heaven begins to unfold. Hats off to Tim, hats off to Johnny, and rest in peace, Ed. ()


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English Burton doesn’t make fun of Ed Wood at all. The picture is stuffed full of amazing acting performances. No, I’m not going to praise Depp to the heavens, even though his acting is divine, but there are other equally wonderful performances here. Mainly, Landau simply IS Lugosi. Burton’s Ed Wood is both funny and dramatic and emotionally charged. So what if things are a little too idealized. ()



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English Tim Burton's best film after Sleepy Hollow, and that's saying something. It's true that his playful and indie style doesn’t always suit me perfectly, but Ed Wood is a film that would never have been as captivating and magical as it undoubtedly is without Burton's love, strong personality and, most importantly, rich imagination. Edward Wood was actually a lot like Tim Burton, he loved movies and was willing to do absolutely anything for them. The only difference is that he simply didn't know how to make them, didn't have the money, used the most outlandish props and chose the weirdest actors. Burton has made an amazing story about him, with a wonderful period atmosphere, impressive black and white production design and a confident Johnny Depp, whose dreamy smile pretty much speaks for everything Burton wants to say with his masterpiece. My main takeaway is that filmmaking is a terribly addictive drug and that there is no shame in getting up to one's ears in it. Even though Ed knows almost nothing about filmmaking, he can build a mountain with his enthusiasm and kindness – and a big one at that..100% ()


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English Ed Wood is not perfect, as it slightly runs out of steam in the final quarter. Even so, the feelings that every memory of it evokes in me, spurred mainly by listening to the endearing soundtrack, represent the ignition of the greatest spark of movie-fan enthusiasm. What Schindler’s List is for Spielberg, Ed Wood is for Tim Burton. And for me – a fan of even very bad films – it is a beautiful tribute to the art of filmmaking. Burton serves up a roller-coaster ride with every character, every facial expression of Johnny Depp, every charming and comical scene. It’s a treasure! ()


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English The story of "the worst director of all time" and his best creative years, the period that gave rise to Wood's most famous films Glen Or Glenda, Bride of the Monster and Plan 9 From Outer Space, the making of which Tim Burton charmingly brings to life in this biopic. The result is all the more enjoyable if the viewer is familiar with any of these three films, and it works in retrospect – I was tempted to replay some of the scenes after Burton's film was over. The most striking aspect is its impeccable period styling, the film oozes with the atmosphere of 1950s Hollywood. As for the actors, the biggest trump card was the biggest weakness in my eyes. No one can convince me that Depp wasn’t grossly overacting in some moments, even the role of a man full of enthusiasm, which Ed Wood probably was (if the screenwriter is to be believed), can be played more sparingly. But Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi was a treat, you can't spoil such a well-written role, here the Oscar was well deserved. Ed Wood could only dream about an Oscar, which doesn't change the fact that thanks to this film he became my favourite and I can't have enough of his duds, which are lousy but made with love. ()

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