Planet of the Apes

USA, 2001, 119 min


After a spectacular crash-landing on an uncharted planet, brash astronaut Leo Davidson (Mark Wahlberg) finds himself trapped in a savage world where talking apes dominate the human race. Desperate to find a way home, Leo must evade the invincible gorilla army led by ruthless General Thade (Tim Roth) and his most trusted warrior, Attar (Michael Clarke Duncan). Now the pulse-pounding race is on to reach a sacred temple that may hold the shocking secrets of mankind's past - and the last hope for it's salvation! (official distributor synopsis)


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English The film has an incredibly gloomy screenplay that stubbornly clings to one plotline, which, on its own, wouldn't be enough for even 20 minutes. And unfortunately, even Tim Burton wasn’t able to breathe life into it through visual finesse. Although the film dazzles with its grand production design and impeccable masks, the narrative emptiness inevitably plunges the viewer into boredom. The film has unquestionable strengths, including the mentioned ones such as the casting, camera work, and excellent music by Danny Elfman. However, there is still a lingering feeling that the two-hour runtime should have been trimmed by at least a good 30 minutes. This would have left us with an audiovisual extravaganza in which Burton's great sense of humor would shine even brighter, as evidenced by the excellent final scene and the closing credits remixed by DJ Paul Oakenfold. ()


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English Everyone expected a serious sci-fi movie in the spirit of Schaffner’s original and Tim Burton tricked them by turning the subject into a joke. The film’s biggest stars are not the humans, but the apes, and the conclusion isn’t shocking and thought-provoking, but popcorn fun. The spark in the love triangle between the American hero Mark Wahlberg, the chimpanzee with beautiful eyes played by Helena Bonham Carter, and simple Barbie Estella Warren is as irresistible as Tim Roth is repulsive in the role of General Thade. The film offers brilliant technical execution, verve and action, as well as a helping of ironic humor. I applauded and laughed with gusto at the end. And I almost fell in love with the eyes of Carter’s chimpanzee character, who was prominently featured on my desktop for months after the premiere. Don’t take this film so seriously. Times are changing and not everyone needs to see the story of Planet of the Apes the same way Schaffner did. ()



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English Someone said it before me. The masks and overall production design are absolutely captivating, but when the story is weak, there's simply nothing that can be done about it. Burton could have tried as much as he wanted, but from this script, nothing better could have been squeezed out. The ending tried to surpass the original film, which was a bold move, and now the creators should repent. ()


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English No killing of the original is taking place. Wahlberg acts as the captain of the ship sympathetically, the tricks work throughout the entire duration, and even an interesting variation of the final twist pleases. It's just simply a "remake of Planet of the Apes" and that brings a slightly higher expectation. ()


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English Properly as wacky as you’d expect from Burton, with flawless sets and make-up effects, and a surprisingly bland Wahlberg. Overall, I would have liked it, but the incredibly idiotic final half hour, including a very weird ending, put a damper on everything. According to the reviews, not many people understood it, and I appreciate the ending in the older classic version all the more. ()

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