Short / Animation / Puppet
USA, 1982, 6 min

Directed by:

Tim Burton


Tim Burton

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English The foreshadowing of Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride really isn't accidental here. And since it's a short film, all the morbidity and bleakness is presented with greater intensity, and the result is quite eerie. Even this first feature suggests that no other film by the filmmaker will be some kind of dime-a-dozen work. ()


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English I don't want to label Vincent as Tim Burton's best film because I don't want to undervalue either of his magnum opuses, which for me are Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish. Nevertheless, I have no words for this brilliant short film. A bedtime story for anyone who enjoys multiple changes in moods and genres on just a few film frames. ()



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English A beautiful visual poem in the decadently perverse style of maestro Burton. It is a perfect alternation of planes of normal and supernormal, brilliantly rhymed, fantastically drawn and full of wonderful otherworldly atmosphere. Burton broth... ()

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