The Young One

  • USA White Trash (more)
Mexico / USA, 1960, 96 min


One of only two films shot by Bunuel in English, this provocative film is a mesmerizing story of power, deception and manipulatio set on a remote island off the Carolina coast. Falsely accused of a crime and on the run, an African/American musician (BERNIE HAMILTON) crosses paths with the island's game warden, a prejudiced man (ZACHARY SCOTT) determined to win the love of a naive teenage girl who instead shows affection for the fugitive. (official distributor synopsis)


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English I was a bit apprehensive about what to expect from Luis Buñuel, but this is completely different from what I thought. Above all, it's not at all surrealistic, but a completely realistic film with an incredibly strong message. Beautifully acted characters and a demonstration of how prejudice and hatred are powerful motivators. But maybe sometimes they don't win. ()