Fanny and Jean have everything, they are the ideal couple: fulfilled in their professional lives, they live in a magnificent apartment in the high-end districts of Paris and seem to be as in love as the first day they met. But when Fanny crosses, by chance, Alain, a former high school friend, she is immediately hooked. They see each other again, and, very quickly, get closer and closer... (Sharmill Films)


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English If Woody Allen is really saying farewell, and I think he is, he's saying it nicely, because Coup de Chance is a pretty nice movie. The setting in France and the French language in general add a nice touch to the familiar love triangle story, and the cinema-going public is just waiting to see what it leads to this time. Don't expect something like Match Point or Cassandra's Dream, more like Irrational Man. If you've liked Woody Allen for a long time, you'll be pleased. If you're just about to discover him... Well, I can't help but envy you. ()

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