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Lucy is a former child actress seeking enlightenment at a retreat led by spiritual leader Elon. Before turning her phone off for the duration of the retreat, Lucy calls her stunt performer daughter, Dylan who is in New Zealand working on set. The two have a fraught, codependent relationship, just as Lucy did with her own mother, only strained further when Lucy meets model, DJ and fellow retreat attendee Beverly who epitomizes all the vanity and myopia Lucy couldn’t tolerate in her own mother, daughter and self. (Gravitas Ventures)


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English A bitter and only mildly comedic drama about the inability to communicate and vent one's emotions, or something like that. Or rather, the morbidity itself, to be precise. I really don’t like this kind of chatty bollocks. A waste of Jennifer Connelly's time and a waste of the time for the viewers who had any hopes for this. ()

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