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English One of the wildest Czech films ever. The whole is dominated by several variations of the Merry Andula hit: "I'm a girl with the devil in my body and the heat is in my eyes, I'm only interested in admirers for family reasons..." Another great hit is the song "Pán na roztrhání" played by a similar ensemble. The two performances of the legendary Mařenka Zieglerová, her first in a sound film, are also great. ()


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English A comedy with the devil in a body. I liked it very much. František Smolík, in an unusual position, delighted me, and the purely lemonade-like and therefore unpretentious but amusing theme of double infidelity, multiple lies and the egg, which in the finale is on the faces of perhaps all the participants, also came in handy. Lída Baarová coming back from her accident was especially charming and Ljuba Hermanová was such an element that I simply couldn't resist singing the title song long after the closing credits.___P.S. Světla Svozilová also managed to shine in a small role, and she was really good in the men's role. ()


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