Identification of a Woman

  • Italy Identificazione di una donna (more)


Divorced, middle-aged filmmaker Niccolo searches for a leading lady to star in his next feature. He later comes to the self-realisation that he is abusing this task to instead find himself a new lover. He then over-zealously manages to become involved with not one, but two women. And after an initial attempt at juggling these relationships, the filmmaker is instead left alienated and confused when one of the women mysteriously disappears, and the other becomes pregnant by another man. (official distributor synopsis)


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English I liked Blow-Up, although even then I realized that it was a film on the edge, i.e., crossing a very delicate line could actually greatly decrease the overall impression. I didn't enjoy the adventure, so I was expecting how my third encounter with this acclaimed director's work would turn out. The result is once again more than doubtful, so I will avoid this Italian creator altogether in the future. Identification of a Woman is a typical festival film that can bring enthusiasm to a certain type of audience, but for the majority of regular film fans, it is unwatchable. From my point of view, it is strongly self-centered, manneristic, and above all, a boring spectacle, after which I could only conclude that I successfully wasted two and a quarter hours of my time. It's not just about dragging out the runtime and the painfully slow pace, but also about the quality of the storytelling. In the end, I knew about director Niccolò, his value scale, his relationship toward women, and the motives that guide his behavior towards them, essentially as much as at the beginning - which is nothing. Overall impression: 25%. ()

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