In Paris 1877, rats save a baby from death and raise him in the underground of the Opera de Paris. This child becomes The Phantom of the Opera, a half-human half-animal breed, who falls in love with Christine Daaé, an opera singer just beginning her career. He fights for her love against the aristocratic Baron Raoul De Chagny, though Christine loves them both equally... (Scorpion Releasing)


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English This is definitely the worst adaptation I've seen so far, and I think I've seen quite a few, including musicals and even stage plays. Dario Argento excels at gore, but he always does. Here, however, he isn't even able to properly utilize the musical aspect, and I thought he would manage that in a film like this. It’s an incredibly sloppy film, where by the end I wasn't even paying attention to the action. ()

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