The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

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Allen stars as C.W. Briggs, a set-in-his-ways old-time insurance investigator who refuses to get along with the bright new efficiency expert, Betty Ann Fitzgerald (Helen Hunt), brought in to streamline his office's operations. When a magician, played by David Ogden Stiers, hypnotizes them as part of his stage act, Briggs unknowingly becomes a jewel thief while falling in and out of love with the exceedingly more confused Fitz, who is carrying on a secret affair with the married head of the company (Dan Aykroyd). Mayhem ensues as a pair of brother detectives zero in on the criminal, a sexy debutante comes on to Briggs, and Briggs and Fitz start suspecting each other. (official distributor synopsis)


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English So many (and too many) funny insults in one film... It's almost unbelievable. Just like Woody Allen playing a living magnet for women (especially secretaries and waitresses). The Curse of the Jade Scorpion is one of those films that entertained me from start to finish, and even if I'm not screaming with laughter all the time, I am laughing or smiling permanently. This is also thanks to the beautiful Helen Hunt, the excellent music and David Ogden Stiers as the devious hypnotist. Five unhypnotized stars. ()


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English A funny comedy full of brilliant wisecracks, with a simple but original plot about how hypnosis can be used for crime. Woody has toned down the intellectualism and added to the fun. Helen Hunt absolutely shines, and she is literally a delight to watch. ()



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English This barrage of meaningful and incredibly funny quips, mixed with great music and a likeable cast, made a very tasty and delicious cocktail in the colour of jade, and its sophistication and intellect will completely intoxicate the human senses in many ways. I first registered Woody Allen's sense of humour in Scoop, and here I barely failed to register all the elements in this superbly constructed script. In short, I really enjoyed myself, helped especially by the dialogue, Allen & Helen Hunt, the catchy tune and the idea. ()


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English Typical Allen. An utterly absurd story balanced by divine dialogues, smart humour and a host of unforgettable performances. Allen himself dominates, of course, forming an electrifying duo with the excellent Helen Hunt, but Dan Aykroyd and the wonderful Charlize Theron, who must have made Woody especially happy by accepting her role, are also great :-) If I ever come across a bad Allen film, I'll go and see if there's anything wrong with me. 80% ()


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English Proof that Woody Allen can still act, that as a screenwriter he can still write wonderful dialogs and that as a director he still isn’t ready for the scrap heap. The Curse is deadly funny, intelligent and wonderfully acted. A pleasant surprise from a classic filmmaker who we no longer expected anything from. Let’s hope this isn’t his swan song. ()

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