Parallel stories of women establishing themselves in the contemporary American South and in the period between the World Wars. A middle-aged woman draws strength and independence from the stories told to her by a resident in an old people's home. (official distributor synopsis)

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English An exceptionally honest and strong family drama from the 1990s which is something Americans were good at and they could give it the air of epicness and uniqueness with which they became popular even in my country. It’s a shame that Fried Green Tomatoes are made in a similar fashion yet remain relatively unknown. They don’t deserve it. ()


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English I don’t care what others say, this sentimental and touching story really got to me. An absolutely perfect female cast, where each of the actresses gives everything to her role, which is nicely visible in the result. The story itself is beautifully told, not lacking a frame and features countless peripeties, so kudos to the writers. Thomas Newman's score, which first caught my attention in Angels in America, does its thing again, providing the film with an excellent atmosphere along with the cinematography. In short, a film that is about a life that isn't always fair and manages to tangle with the strings of fate. ()


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