Morgan Adams, the beautiful daughter of a pirate, inherits a portion of a coveted treasure map. Also inheriting command of her late father's ship, The Morning Star, Morgan and her men set off on a mission to lay claim to her fortune. In an effort to decipher the map's contents, she buys the handsome, educated William Shaw at a slave auction. A swindler and cheat who has finally been snared, Shaw joins the crew of The Morning Star and helps Morgan steal another portion of the map. Together they set sail in a race to beat the sinister pirate Dawg Brown to the legendary treasure of Cutthroat Island. (official distributor synopsis)


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English Geena Davis was supposed to revive her fading popularity with the help of her husband. The result was the exact opposite. I feel sorry for Renny Harlin, because considering what a monumental flop this film was, he didn't do a bad job at all. ()


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English Paradoxically, one of the most fatal financial disasters ever seen in the film world. The career of ambitious Geena went downhill like the leakiest schooner, not to mention the entire Carolco company. And yet, this Island is a harmless and easily digestible pirate movie with everything that belongs to it - treasure, action, a sailing ship, betrayal, and a beautiful heroine. It simply came eight years too early. ()



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English Arguably the best modern pirate film. Likeable, compact, with plenty of humor and self-parody, it definitely does not bring shame to the genre and easily surpasses the highly acclaimed Pirates of the Caribbean in practically every aspect. Perhaps Renny Harlin softened a bit and Cutthroat Island is not as striking and bloody as his previous films, but this does not change the fact that the action scenes are still solid, perfectly staged, and appropriately dynamic. Geena Davis is fine, and Frank Langella is absolutely brilliant, his lines are unforgettable. The final part is made up of a unique musical score, definitely one of the gems of film music. If you have a sense of perspective, a good mood, and aren’t critical, you can thoroughly enjoy this film. ()


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English Cutthroat Island isn't as bad as rumor has it. Geena Davis is very likable, Frank Langella superbly negative, the production design spectacular, Debney's music without a single false note, the action scenes often literally explosive and the pace continuous. It is a great pity, however, that the story is not very interesting and unoriginal, the runtime is long and above all the attempts at humor are almost 100% ineffective (the violinist in the final battle is an honorable exception). Three and a bit. ()


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English A movie that became a synonym for lack of success and quality. Which it well deserves. But it isn’t absolutely boring. It’s just so terribly mediocre in all respects. All it needed was a director with a surer hand and less over-combination, and it could have been an outstanding pirate movie. Cutthroat Island is an adventure movie that, had it been made ten years earlier, wouldn’t have had nearly such bad repute. ()

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