His Girl Friday

  • USA Howard Hawks' His Girl Friday (more)


Walter Burns is a newspaper editor trying to hang on to his star reporter, Hildy Johnson, who is also Walter's ex-wife. Hildy is leaving journalism to go off and marry Bruce, but an escaped convict, hiding behind a desk in the newsroom, is the perfect bait for Walter to lure Hildy back to her job and to him. (Criterion)

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English It wasn't until about twenty minutes in that I realized that I was actually watching the original to Billy Wilder's famous remake, and that's when comparing the two versions made me enjoy the film even more. The newer men's version of The Front Page wins in the end, though, because it's funny from start to finish and doesn't have such a protracted denouement as His Girl Friday, which, thanks to Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell, is also a male-female struggle, but a rather pointless one. ()


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English Great shooting of words, which is sometimes unbelievable. Cary Grant is breathtaking as always, but Rosalind Russell is his equal opponent and teammate. In addition, you also watch a story that makes sense and is not just about the romance between them. A perfectly working piece that amazed me with its eloquence. The screenwriters did their job well, but the actors, above all, show how natural such dialogue can be. ()


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