Kill, Baby... Kill!

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Kill, Baby…Kill! is the chilling story about a sudden rash of murders that sweep a small village in Transylvania. The slain bodies of female victims are turning up all over town, and the local sorceress (Fabienne Dali) believes that the ghost of Melissa, a little girl who was also murdered, is to blame. The girl's mother, the aged Baroness Graps (Giana Vivaldi), has never stopped grieving over her daughter's death, and now she has conjured up the girl's spirit to get bloody revenge. It's up to the sorceress to track down the reclusive Baroness and put a stop to her, thus ending the slaughter and allowing little Melissa's spirit to rest in peace. (Echo Bridge Entertainment)


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English Kill, Baby... Kill! is better horror than anything from Corman. Bava’s film has an interesting blend of English and American gothic with the atmosphere of late 70s Giallo, and I have to say that I liked it. The exteriors are very good, I actually don’t know whether it was shot in a soundstage or on location in a real Italian village, either way, it never feels artificial, as Corman films. I’m aware that this is very shallow on my part, but I can’t help it, those painted backgrounds simply bother me. Kill, Baby... Kill! has none of it and I could feel pleasantly scared at times. Thumbs up, for a moment I considered the highest rating, but the annoying protagonist prevented it. ()

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