Baron Blood

  • USA The Torture Chamber of Baron Blood (more)


American student Peter Kleist travels to Austria on summer holiday to learn more about his family roots. By reciting an incantation on a piece of ancient parchment, he succeeds in scaring up a genuine ancestor-Baron Otto von Kleist, a 16th century sadistic nobleman whose appetite for cruelty earned him the nickname "Baron Blood". (official distributor synopsis)


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English The more I watch old Italian horror, the more I like it. In Baron Blood  I was even able to overlook the fact that young Peter returning to his native Austria is to blame for all his troubles. He’s an idiot that wants to mess with an ancient curse and thinks that a possible clash with a bloodthirsty undead sadist is a interesting experience. All the scenes with the ugly resurrected baron are very good and atmospheric, one even caused a hint of fear, but I had a little problem with everything else around it. For the standards of old Italian films, the performances are at least very decent, so 7/10 with a clear conscience. ()


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English Baron Blood is a respectable horror production with a stellar cast and nice camerawork. Though it looks very good, however, it is unfortunately not scary and lacks the inner strength that similar horror movies about haunted castles and mutilated castellans usually possess. ()


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