The scheme is far from tame. But whose scheme is it? Assume nothing as you venture beyond Blue Bay's elite beach communities and into the murky waters of the Everglades for a mystery of deceit, sex and greed as unpredictable as a hungry gator. And please, keep your hands inside the boat at all times. (Prime Video)

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English A pleasant surprise I only found out about today. The film surprises mainly by its solid subtlety and frequent shocking twists, which are not easy to guess. All this in the presence of a solid cast (Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon), but the two central seductive beauties are also intriguing. The pacing is good, too. Very good. 80%. ()


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English At first seductively confusing, but on second thoughts very empty and annoying. The majority of the film leading up to the ultimate climax is just skillfully filmed exposition with good actors, a very passionate love scene, and false clues. 50% ()



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English The film fools the viewer so well and inconspicuously that is not a problem to accept it and enjoy its proudly professed B-movie nature and obvious horniness – there are moments it pretends to be serious, but it’s only camouflage for outrageous screenwriting nonsense that can never be taken seriously, which is underscored by the ridiculously escalating ending, but personally I didn’t care (Bill Murray’s character, in particular, “kills” it perfectly, while winking mischievously at the viewer). In addition to the excellent male leads, we also have the diva Denise Richards in one of the hottest film roles ever, turning the room of the male viewer into a sauna every time she shows up (but I don’t want to dismiss Neve Campbell, who’s equally attractive). A cult movie for a certain group of viewers. ()


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English It's not that the film doesn't feature several unexpected and shocking twists, not that there aren't two attractive and sexy actresses in it, not that there aren't several suspenseful moments... But it's all so overly cluttered in terms of the screenplay that it actually parodies itself. There are simply too many flashy plot twists, to the point where the story, if we can even call it that at the end, transitions into absurdity. In the end, it's just a mere screenwriting exercise. Overall impression: 40%. ()


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English An ordinary film that fails to impress with practically anything. I still had the feeling that I'd seen all this somewhere about twenty-three times before. ()

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