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In the unfamiliar Appalachian backwoods, a weekend of male bonding for four inexperienced campers turns into a gut-wrenching fight for survival against the merciless forces of nature and the brutality of man. Their only escape is a terrifying canoe ride down the raging rapids of the Chattooga River. If their heartless pursuers don't kill them, the treacherous waters just might. (official distributor synopsis)


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English Don’t expect a thrilling pace or even shocking violence, Deliverance is not as disturbing as they say. However, it can captivate both through its economical direction and the survival adventure, or fight for survival, which is presented in the most credible and rawest way, without excessive detours. I appreciate some of Boorman's tricks. For example, that key rape scene is accurately depicted, when the members of the trip encounter two wanderers, their gestures and movements beautifully indicate what is to come, especially when one of the locals touches the face and chest of one of the protagonists. The director delivers similar tension several times, and it is truly worth it. The acting is relatively even and overall quite impressive. However, essentially, it is a very simple and rather ordinary matter. ()


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English At first glance, it's a kind of seventies macho flick; at second, third, and fourth glance, it's a very cunning and psychological matter, which is about a great deal more than just someone getting revenge for something someone else did to them. The tension gets more and more intense, the four adventurers gradually take on different shades, the viewer has to ask himself how he would act in their place... Thanks to John Boorman and his rapid dives you will be transported directly to the scene of the action, and thanks to the impeccable cast led by Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight, you will live through it all and maybe even survive. ()



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English Boorman masterfully ratchets up the tension and fear. Already during the dueling banjos at the beginning I had a strange feeling, without any rational justification, that something was wrong. That feeling grew over time and then suddenly it came, like a punch in the face. The rape scene is impressive and vile, and I've rarely wished death on someone like I did on those two loathsome hillbillies. It's the premature climax of the film, the rest doesn't have that much power. ()


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English Sleep tight, it's nothing.... The most realistic survival in history, with which Boorman solidified a new narrative and thematic impulse in American cinema. Not as shocking, harsh and atmospheric as the contemporary Texas Massacre (which was also based on an unexpected confrontation between civilised people and a bunch of violent rednecks), but almost equally disturbing thanks to the unrelenting psychological pressure, which in some moments culminates into realms of genuine horror and disgust. A number of oft-quoted and famous passages (the opening banjo duel; the lengthy debate about what to do with the dead hillbilly) fully speak for the ageless quality of the direction, while weaknesses are found in the hammy dialogue and a bit in the narrative's build-up, whose climax comes shortly after the halfway point, and the last twenty minutes go completely beyond the established atmosphere and agonizing mental duress. I will sleep relatively peacefully, but if I were in the shoes of one of the survivors, I would probably think twice about falling asleep without a gun under my pillow... 80% ()


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English A well-written (especially the dialogues about crime and its consequences), clearly and imaginatively directed (the voyeuristic camera, the oppressive atmosphere of a "survival thriller"), and well-acted adventure for men. It lacks a faster pace in spots but overall is a strongly impressive affair, in which the absence of music (except for the guitar-banjo part) and one unbelievable rape are also noteworthy. An excellent film, after which a trip to the forest will never be the same again. ()

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