Josef Váchal's 1924 novel toyed with stereotypes drawn FROM lurid literary trash, and the work serves as the starting point for a film adaptation displaying high visual stylization. Director and cameraman Jaroslav Brabec translated this literary work INTO movie language by making ironic use of generic and esthetic models FROM cinema's earliest beginnings to the talkies era. (official distributor synopsis)


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English Horror Story is a bit crazy when it comes to Czech cinema, an absolute oddity even. I am writing this with the knowledge that in the 1990s many things were created in the Czech Republic, including obscure matters, that you really have to wonder at as time passes - but those were mostly associated with attempts at commercial blockbusters. In this film, we follow a series of characters from cheap slasher films, from fallen girls to pirates, and a corrupted priest, whose stories intertwine. While watching it, I realized that this style strongly reminds me of Tardi's popular comic book "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec" in France. It is evident here from whom Tardi may have copied. :-) It is original and amusing, but as a whole, it is unfortunately brought down by excessive respect for the author Váchal, which manifests itself in lower comprehensibility and especially in an unsavory unsatisfying ending. In any case, it is an opportunity to see a number of Czech actors enjoying very unconventional casting, crazy situations, and overacting in the style of 1920s filmmaking. Overall impression: 70%. ()


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English "Undertaking this somewhat thankless task of writing about the so-called "trash" of Czech literature, I remind you that this is not done for the amusement of the readers, but for the sake of rehabilitating this kind of novel writing, to cleanse it of the taint of prejudice and to point out the great importance of bloody novels in our nation, as well as to highlight and emphasize the high and important moral values hidden in these proscribed phenomena of literature." By Josef Váchal - wood engraver. ()


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