Mute Witness

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Director Anthony Waller combines cat-and-mouse suspense with classic intrigue in Mute Witness, an updated take on the Hitchcockian thriller in which the only witness to a brutal crime can neither speak nor cry out in terror. Billy Hughes (Marina Zudina) is a mute special effects artist working on a low budget American slasher movie being shot in Russia. Accidentally locked in the studio late one night, she stumbles upon two men shooting what appears to be a snuff film. Having borne witness to their victim’s final moments, Billy desperately flees - but this is only the start of a protracted night of terror, drawing her and her friends into a tangled web of intrigue, involving the KGB, the Moscow police... and a mysterious crime kingpin known as “The Reaper”. Filmed on location in Moscow and co-starring Fay Ripley and Evan Richards, Mute Witness is an unpredictable, nerve-shreddingly tense viewing experience. (Arrow Films)


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English The breathtaking raucous start is followed by a whirlwind of astonishing tension that occasionally slips into hellishly black humor. A delicate, mute girl who can’t call out to anyone and ask for help is chased through Moscow by two Russian killers who don’t differentiate between humans and cattle in a slaughterhouse. Brrr! Mute Witness is a well-done B-movie with top-tier directing and great acting by Marina Zudina. ()

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