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Twenty years after their notorious tabloid romance gripped the nation, a married couple buckles under the pressure when an actress arrives to do research for a film about their past. (Cannes Film Festival)

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English What I appreciate the most in May December is the originality. The topic of a mature woman's relationship with a young boy, discussed in the media, is something I may have seen in a TV movie, but certainly not on the big screen. And I've certainly never seen the theme of an actress preparing for a role in a film inspired by a real event. She is to portray the mature woman, and therefore, as part of her research, she briefly intrudes into their lives and privacy. It’s a very good combination and brilliantly acted. The most curious thing about the whole film is the music, it is perhaps overly dramatic, you are expecting some brutal drama, a violent scene, and then something quite ordinary comes along. To illustrate: the scene that sticks in my mind the most is when Julianne Moore is in the kitchen preparing snacks for a garden party and when she opens the fridge and stares staring into it, this brutally dramatic music starts playing, making you think she's found a severed head, or maybe she's going to grab a knife and slit her wrists, only to say that there aren’t enough hot-dogs. The result is very comical, and there are several scenes like that. There is also some drama there, Julianne and Natalie Portman are both great, and as I said, it's all very original. I also enjoyed very much the role of Charles Melton, the young father who begins to analyze and question his life and his relationship with his much older wife. [Festival de Cannes 2023] ()

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