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When her sister dies at the hands of an evil queen, the fearsome warrior Red Sonja (Brigitte Nielsen) sets out to seek her revenge. Joining forces with the only man who can match her in a fight (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Sonja battles all the monsters and magicians who stand in her way, until she finally comes face-to-face with the queen. However, as the evil one holds a talisman which can destroy the world, the conclusion is far from foregone. (Optimum Home Entertainment)


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English A load of baloney trying to jump on the Conan bandwagon. It is only watchable thanks to being relatively short and to the fast-moving excuse for a story. Don’t expect any miracles. Quite the opposite, most of the movie is just too dumb and the action sequences are terribly mediocre. As a B-movie, this more or less works, but as competition to the first Conan movie, not a chance. Thanks at least for the divine Ennio, although not even he demonstrates anything more than his regular standard. Approximately the same low-quality standard as he gave us in the second Conan adventure. Do you think it could be because it was directed by the same idi..., um, director? ()

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English Brigite Nielsen could be good as a dominatrix in an S&M club, as an actress she’s awful, but she’s fits perfectly into this crap. Whether it's the production design or the plot, Red Sonja is even worse than Conan the Destroyer (if that's even possible). This movie is a mockery to fans of Howard's novels and those who loved Conan the Barbarian (like me). ()



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English On one hand, Red Sonja is the ultimate mess that is not often seen. On the other hand, I cannot deny its unintentional entertainment value given by Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen's unbelievable awkwardness, as well as the laziness in the set design and special effects scenes. Everything fails to such an extent that it is a great mystery how Richard Fleischer, who has some decent action movies under his belt, signed up for this desperate attempt at an adventure fantasy. It seems to me that the director either wanted to seek revenge on the producer for some injustice or simply decided that his career could survive this trip and that he could play with the genre at the expense of the producer. If you are in the mood for nonsense and garbage, there is a chance that you will have a better time with Red Sonja than with crazy comedies. Overall impression: 25%. ()


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English If it were only in the series with Conan the Destroyer, then the films are somewhat equal. I have to admit that I liked the production design here, though it's not that surprising given the previous films. Brigitte is fine, and Arnold is classically fine, but otherwise, I don't like how the series has changed into a humorous and more fairytale-like tone rather than dark and gritty. Although this one has a bit more gritty scenes than Conan the Destroyer. ()


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English During my early school years, I devoured Red Sonja as my favorite heroic epic, and the scene where Arnold fights a robotic water dragon was etched into my memory forever. However, the later sobriety, when I couldn't see either Brigitte Nielsen or the little rogue prince, was not so pleasant. ()

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